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Favor post

Hey guys it's Stef.

This is a post asking a very big favor from you guys. I was wondering if you'd conciter letting one of my home friends pickles1887  play an original character of hers in the game. Her name is Nicole but everyone calls her Buzzer. (Don't ask.)

Here's her OC's bio.

Name: Margaret McKee, goes by Maggie
Age: 15
Looks: Long curly blonde hair, hazel eyes, a decent figure. Fairly pretty. Average height and weight. Looks like Hayden Penitare (I have no idea how to spell her last name)
Personality: Stubborn and tough. She hates rich people and government workers with a passion.
Family: Her mother died in a car crash when she was a baby. Her father was a con artist and was arrested when she was six years old. She and her older brother, Mike, two years older than her, went into foster care until their Uncle was found. Mike caused lots of trouble and ended up in Juvie then the streets, where he's in a gang. They keep in contact via e-mail and he sends her stuff (usually beer, sometimes drugs) through a mutual friend.
Background: She lives with her Uncle in a big mansion in Richmond, Virginia. It was originally a plantation, and it was turned into apartments. She lives in one of the nicer ones, a two bedroom, it horribly tiny, but one of the few with good AC. When her brother sneaks into the city, they meet inside one of the old slave quarters. There was an accident there and condemned.

Let me know as soon as you can please. :)


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I'll give her the go ahead, if she promises to try to work on the apparent angsty-sueness of her OC
Thanks Meme! I'll let her know.
Hi, this is Buzzer :-)

I'm assuming you mean her background/family. So here's new stuff:

Family: Her parents are dead, and she lived with her Uncle since then. Her estranged brother still sees her occasionaly. He works in a store in Richmond.
Background: She lives in an apartment with her uncle. They aren't destitute, more like lower middle class.

Is that ok? If not, please give me an example so I can fix it.

Oh, and I was thinking on her some. I wanna change her appearence so its more irish. Red hair, green eyes, freckles.

THat sounds great. thanks for being so easy about it. If you need any help finding someone to represnt her for icons and stuff let me know.
That'd be great! I've been looking, but I cant find anyone.

And I'm a moderator, so I know how it goes.
How about Allison Hannigan. She's cute but very simple.

Tis a rough job
She's perfect! Thanks SO much, Meme!!
You're welcome. I found her too but I dont know if she's too girly or anything.
No, Alyson Hannigan is PERFECT. Thanks anyways
Not a problem. I just happened to be watching American Pie 2 when you asked, or I never would've thought of Alyson
LOL. I'm watching American Pie II now as well!!!

Sorry I had to eavesdrop.
Tis over in like a minute *sniffles* And I'm not watching Law and order
It's over now. I don't like Law and Order either. I've never even seen American Pie. I'm so out of the loop. LOL.

Oh thanks for helping Buzzer BTW. It's nice that I now have someone I actually know on this RPG. LOL.
Its a good movie. My brother has all 3 he loves them.

Not a problem. Thats what I'm here for. Well you know Chels and Katie.
I still need to see it. It looked funny. My three year old brothers were in the room when my dad was watching it (I was on the computer as perusual) and I heard the word "Orgasm" and I was like ....."Perhaps this isn't a movie they should be watching." LOL.

:) Yeah true but I don't KNOW them know them. And I "know" you and Emma too.
Lol at least they were too young to understand it.

My friends were over once and we were watching "Young Frankenstein" and my brothers were in the room and my best friend said the word "fuck" right in front of them. LOL. It was great.
Scrred the children
LOL yes. When my friends are around little kids they might as well run. LOL.
I dont think I blame them
Hey do me a favor ..... if your on she posted Maggie's first entry, just like introduce Connie's self or something so more people start posting.