irishcolleen15 (irishcolleen15) wrote in mickeys_diner,


~ Maggie gets drunk and almost goes out or gets in a car. Someone stops her.
~ Mike (Maggie's brother) gets hospitalized and Maggie's told by the Dean, and she just goes back into class. (That's how she deals. She holds it in til she explodes) and someone convinces her to go to the hospital and see him, and goes to moral support.
~ In Science, they have to dissect frogs and Maggie helps them escape
~ She has an eating disorder. I'm not trying to make her more angsty, but I have one, and I think it would be interesting.
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Just so you know Buzzer, you don't always have to post in your ideas about Maggie in general to the community, just post an entry about it, much like you do for your normal livejournal posts. The others will take care of it from there. That's the way it always works.

okay, thanks steffi-poo
:) Anytime!!!