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Welcome to Mickey' Diner!
the RPG community for
The Mighty Ducks trilogy

*// The Ducks:

Lester Averman: jesteraverman (played by Katie1)
Adam Banks: cakeeaterab99 (played by Meme)
Charlie Conway: duckduckchuck (played by Chels)
Tammy Duncan: tammy_d (played by Emma)
Julie Gaffney: julie_gaffney06 (played by Donelle)
Guy Germaine: geeger0015 (played by Katie2)
Jesse Hall: jessehall09 (played by Katie1)
Peter Mark: peter_d_mark (played by stef)
Luis Mendoza: luis_22 (played by Emma)
Connie Moreau: velvet_hammer18 (played by Meme)
Dean Portman: born_2_enforce (played by Emma)
Fulton Reed: _fulton_reed (played by Cee)
Russ Tyler:knucklepuckruss (played by Buzzer)

*// The Warriors:

Traci Michaels: princess_traci (played by Allie)
Rick Riley: king_riley (played by Amber)
Scott 'Scooter' Vanderbilt: goldengoalie35 (played by Meme)

*// Other Characters:

Linda Chavez:i_am_not_a_snob (played by Allie)
Cassie Kennedy:soccerck529(played by Katie2) [OC]
John Larson:_johnnyboy87_(played by Chels)
Andie Malito:cheer_andie(played by Katie) [OC]
Maggie Murphy:irishcolleen15 (played by Buzzer) [OC]
Leslie Raybourn:leleray14 (played by Meme) [OC]
Bryon Riley:_tagyourit_ (played by Amber) [OC]
Kayla Watson:_simply__kayla_ (played by Stef) [OC]

*// As you can see the character's already taken are listed above. If you would like to play please select any character from the movie, regardless of how minor their role. As this community is set around the diner, just about anyone is an option. First select your character and then contact one of the mods at the links below. Original characters will have to be approved by the group.

*// Community created, owned and moderated by: Meme email: mrsbanks99@livejournal.com
*// Also moderated by: Emma email: hellsguardian@livejournal.com
Chels email: spazzychick96@livejournal.com
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